Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Huawei Mediapad 7 Lite

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Published: 25th October 2012
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Judging from a survey of more than 10 thousand readers come to a disappointing conclusion for the small plates: not very much, and the audience they need. More than 80% of voters will choose 10-inch tablet for documents or mail, surfing the internet and playing games. 90% prefer to watch the 10-inch. Respondents believe and that is more suitable for reading gadget bolshey diagonal, albeit at the expense of portability. However, for the reader yet comfortable eBooks that cherish the vision, but oh well. However, 87% of respondents still plan to take a tablet, and not only use at home. This means that the 7-inch device can still count on that can win the attention of the 15-20-percent of users.

One of the best new products with such dimensions - small tablet Google Nexus 7. That he did not feel lonely, we compare it with the new Samsung tablet from the compact models. They will be Galaxy Tab 7.0 update. It is good that is inexpensive, but offers a lot of features. In some ways, it turns out even more interesting Google-authentic product. Two gadgets in comparison - this is good, but add a third and a model. This is a brand new affordable 7-inch tablet Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite. It was announced a few days ago and is now taking part in our comparison. Good IPS-screen couple cameras, 3G, memory card slot and a 1-GHz processor, and do it for 8000 rubles.


Tablet from ASUS is uniquely beautiful. On the face of almost invisible frame of the screen - it looks impressive and gives the illusion of solidity. Meanwhile, Samsung visible border between the screen and the frame, and it looks not so impressive.

All the gadgets collected efficiently. But the Samsung Tablet
looks easier and gives the impression of low-cost model. This stems from the simple plastic. And here at the Nexus has a contoured back surface texture. It is made of rubberized plastic soft touch, and quite pleasant to look at and to touch. Even a cursory glance it is obvious who is able to work on the design and materials, and who have yet to learn.

Special thanks go to design Huawei. The Chinese, without hesitation, copied last year's tablet HTC Flyer. Front of the device looks neutral, reminding Samsung, rather than the more stylish ASUS. But the back part is made entirely of aluminum, silver, just repeating features Flyer. Even the insertion of plastic of the same white color.


Diagonal are equal, but the image quality is. At Nexus 7 above screen resolution of 1280x800 pixels, but that is not the point. There used better quality IPS-matrix, so that the pictures look more vivid and realistic. The Samsung is PLS, it is like an IPS, but the picture looks a little less attractive.

But at Tab 7.0 more stock in brightness. This is clearly seen if we put the two devices side by side. Therefore the sun will show up Samsung Tab is definitely better than the Nexus 7, which is due to insufficient brightness essentially blind.

As for Huawei, then it has the same resolution as the Samsung, 1024x600 pixels, but the matrix of better quality. Picture inferior ASUS in color rendering, but overall for the money IPS-screen came out very well, and the Korean unit to its background looks not so interesting.


Small plate, so powerful! It is with these words we find a new Google Nexus 7. Still: it has four core and Tegra 3. This occurs even filling is not at all the larger models, to say nothing of smaller devices. Gadget interesting software, it's the world's first tablet with Android 4.1, which is currently available only for the two devices. And not surprisingly, both from Google.

The Samsung is a weaker OMAP4430 dual-core processor clocked at 1 GHz. This tablet also runs on Android version 4, but earlier. In addition, there is an interface TouchWiz, in purple widgets. And he is working as fast as we would like. Nexus, on the background, just flies: similar operations it performs very briskly.

What can we say about the weakest member of our comparison. Huawei has shown very little in the test series. He lags far behind the more expensive devices, but at the same time to work with it quite comfortably. Oh absolutely critical slowdown in the menu or something like that it is not. It works on a single-core processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz processor, from others - GC800 graphics u1 GB of RAM.

The internal memory and 3G module

Speed - this is cool, but what about memory? According to our survey, less than 2 percent of the respondents are willing to settle for the internal memory, capped at 8 gigabytes. At 16 gigabytes already agreed 17 percent. Optimal same memory respondents recognize 32GB - so say 45 percent of users and 64 GB - 35 percent of respondents. Against this background, predictably critical found no slot for memory card. 76 percent think so.

And what do we see? Nexus have no slot for a memory card and have to choose the lesser of two evils, that is 8 or 16 gigabytes. This is bold minus. But Samsung and Huawei offer slot for the card. And though his memory in each of 8 GB cards are cheap now, so it's always possible to increase significantly useful volume. Samsung Tab can be added 3G-module, which will turn it into a great smartphone. The device can not only access to the network, but also work navigator, send messages and even call! For such a thing will have to pay about 3 thousand, but mobility is worth it. And more than half of the respondents believe the presence of 3G-module plate critical. Sadly, but it boasts a Nexus 7 can not. And it is also significant disadvantage. Especially against the background of low-cost tablet from Huawei, which was originally equipped with 3G and offers mobile internet, anywhere, as long as the network operates. He is able to send messages and make calls, only need to connect a headset. But the Nexus works with technology NFC. However, so far it has not been particularly popular. All three gadget with Bluetooth, but the Wi-Fi Direct is not only Huawei.

What can

Testing gadgets, often made the remark that the camera plate - a piece of optional and easily do without it. It was thought so at ASUS, creating a device for Google, which deprived the main camera, leaving only the front. But here are indignant readers, 60% of respondents want the camera to the plate! But in Huawei and Samsung are two cameras. And though the main shoots are not very good, it's better than nothing.

Tab little good that can play almost any video standard player, while the Nexus will require installation of a separate application. The new browser Chrome too convenient, as long as it is faster and offers sync with Chrome, which can be on the computer.

As part of the software Nexus interesting. It is equipped with an application Google Now, who will select the most important data for the owner, based on his requests to search engines. Here is working voice input, so you can type the text in Russian, even if there is no connection to the Internet.

Using the soft Huawei Mediapad nothing interesting of its competitors, but there is a net improvement. If you click on the screen to the bottom, then disappears black line, on which the control buttons. Usually it interferes in various applications, such as video playback. Now it can be easily hidden or call when you need it. It is strange that no one else has thought of this before.

"In our stores Media Markt tablets with 10-inch screen sells better than a 7-inch. Comparing these two categories, the ratio will be about 80% to 20%. This is, above all, from the comfort - by 10-inch the screen is easier to read, watch movies, sit on the Internet, etc. In addition, the 10-inch we include iPads, sales of which are traditionally high in our network.

If we talk about the future sales Google Nexus 7, Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite and Samsung Galaxy tab 2 P3110, then there can be no single solution. Each buyer will choose according to your taste and budget. Perhaps a little less advantageous situation is Google Nexus 7 absence his memory card slot and 3G-module ".


On battery capacity here almost parity, but
Google Nexus 7, it is slightly higher. But experience shows that the device lives much longer. If Google-tablet is enough for 6.5 hours of video at full brightness, the Samsung only 4.5 hours, and Huawei and even less - just 2.5 hours. The gap is noticeable in other modes, Nexus is autonomous and it is a big plus.


Many of our readers to make a small tablet that costs no more than 10 thousand rubles. At the same time, is quite satisfied with the price of about 12 thousand. So our members are ideally suited to this framework: Samsung in minimulnoy complete without the 3G module and 8 gigabytes of memory on board costs about 9000, Nexus is worth a thousand more. But Huawei killing rivals on the spot: it costs only 7990 rubles for the version with 3G and memory of 8 GB. And then he is not a competitor to Samsung: Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in the modification has been around 9, and almost 13 thousand.

Results of

In the Nexus range of opportunities available: 3G is not provided, slot for memory expansion is not, and its limited capacity of 8 or 16 GB. No, and the main camera - only the front. But offer better screen (which, however, loses the brightness level of Samsung), longer battery life, attractive design and the latest software from Google with their original functions. In the end, if absolutely necessary, you can share the Internet on the tablet and from your device. It is possible that the lack of camera may like corporate market users and the lack of 3G will be resolved in the near future. There is information that a couple of months, you may receive version of the modem.

Huawei is cheaper than all, and instead offers a maximum range of options. Two cameras, high-quality IPS-screen, stylish aluminum body, even if copied from HTC, acceptable performance for little money. Also here is provided and required connector under microSD, as well as 3G. Model may call and get the message, and even work the access point if necessary.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is cheaper and offers the same features. He turns the video on their own, have a camera, memory card slot, and a version with 3G. His utilitarian and simple form, but it can play a role of the brand name, which many know and love.

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